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Tupperware Plastic Midget Multi-color 60 ML Small Containers- Set of 4 NEW!

$8.95 $8.23

Save: 8%

Material: Plastic Shape: Round
Country/Region of Manufacture: India Package Content: 1 package contains 4 container
Capacity: 60 ML each Product: Midget+Smidget
Design: Plain Featured Refinements: Tupperware Smidget

Pink,Green,Yellow,Purple, but may vary

Type: Mini Containers



SMIDGETS-with lid



Description for Tupperware smidget is beautiful set, 60ml each, 4 pcs

Stackable and Easy-to-Store

This 4 piece Tupperware set is perfect for storing a variety of items like spices, ginger, peeled garlic, nuts and masala powders. Compact and stackable, these boxes can easily be stored one on top of the other. These space savers occupy minimal space in your kitchen shelves and cabinets. You can use these small containers to heat food in a microwave or even keep food cool in the fridge. This 4 pieces container set is perfect for carrying baby food around as the containers are made from virgin food-grade plastic.

Fun Colours to Brighten Your Day

Due to the airtight seal, these storage containers protect food items from outside air and pests. As this kitchen container set keeps the moisture out, it is perfect for carrying your important medications on vacations. The Tupperware containers are made from non-toxic and non-carcinogenic materials that do not contain harmful chemicals that can affect your food and liquid contents. Tupperware is known for its innovative design and functionality. These Tupperware products have a very smart look and are available in fun colours. Since containers are transclucent with solid color lids, you can see how much liquid content is left in the container in a quick glance.

  • Brand: Tupperware
  • Contents: 4 small, round containers, 60 ml each in 1 package
  • Containers are approx 2 inch tall excluding lids.
  • Containers are translucent with same solid color lids.
  • Perfect to store small stuff, leftover sauces, peeled garlic, coconut and spices
  • Convenient to carry knick-knacks, medicines and peppermint while traveling
  • Airtight seal protects food
  • Stackable
  • BPA free
  • Leak proof
  • Ergonomic and handy
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary, available colors will be dispatched
  • Color: Pink, Green, Yellow, Purple is available for now
  •  Material: Plastic


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