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Rose Hips 4:1 Extract – 500 mg (30 Capsules) by Metherb

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Rose Hips are the fruit of a rose that develop after the peddles have fallen. They were used in Britain during World War II to help avoid scurvy during a shortage of citrus fruit. Since then, Rose Hips have been used as a source of Vitamin C and in fact, have up to 60 times the Vitamin C of citrus fruit and contain the bioflavonoids that aid in the absorption of Vitamin C. Can be used to help support infection and curb stress, it is the highest herb in Vitamin C content and contains the entire C-Complex. Fortifier for recovering or anemic people, feeding/pregnant women. – Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is a water soluble nutrient and is the least stable of the vitamins. It can lose its potency to light, heat and exposure to air and must be consumed daily in the diet as the body does not process or store Vitamin C.


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