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Metherb Kusumba Safflower Essential oil-30ml(1.01fl oz)

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  • kusuma oil is used as a lubricant with occlusive properties, meaning that it acts as a protective barrier to prevent water from leaving your skin.
  • It works with your skin to soften dryness, smooth roughness and soothe some skin problems
  • mixed with Thanaka powder is acts as permanent hair removal agent


Kusuma oil (Safflower oil) is pressed out of the seeds of the precious Kusuma flower using a specific cold pressing method to get the oil out of the small seeds. Like Thanaka it is used in Ayurvedic treatments for several thousand years not just in combination with Thanaka but also as a moisturizing skin oil. The herbal based permanent hair removal treatment supports your hair to get thinner, softer and finally almost invisible by naturally influencing the growth of your hair. The ingredients you will need for the treatment are: Pure Kusumba Oil Pure Thanaka Powder


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