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Gillette Simply Venus – Hair Removal Razor (3 blades) For Women, 3 pc

$8.18 $7.31

Save: 10.6%

    • Glide strip with aloe vera extracts
    • 3 blades to leave you with smooth skin
    • Flexible head which glides along your curves
  • Easy grip rubber handle for easy regular use in the shower
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Venus Simply 3 use and throw razors provide you easy hair removal and smooth skin at an affordable price.

About the Brand: Gillette Venus is the number one selling female shaving brand in the world with nearly 40 million women currently using their products. Their products are designed to fit all lifestyles, whether you seek the perfect shave, an indulging and pampering experience or a quick and easy shave on-the-go. Venus razors encourage all women to reveal their inner Goddess making them feel sexy, confident and care-free.

You can follow the steps below for a close and smooth Gillette Venus shave:

  • Apply soap and water (use during shower for ease)
  • Glide Venus against hair growth. For legs, this would mean gliding from the ankle upwards towards to knee. For arms, glide from wrist upwards towards elbows. For bikini area and underarms, feel free to move the raise in any direction, as the hair grows in multi direction
  • Apply your favorite moisturizer


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