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Dr Ortho Pain Relief Oil – 120 ml (Pack of 1)

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Dr. Ortho oil is ayurvedic herbal pain relieving oil which is prepared from the extract of eight different herbs which have distinctive properties to combat pain in several regions of the body including muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back. The active components of these herbs stimulate the blood circulation within stiff muscles and limbs. They relieve the body ache, muscular pains, severe joint pain or swelling, joint aches and pains.
Dr. Ortho ayurvedic medicinal oil is free from any side effects. It is absorbed quickly and spreads over the affected area. Each herb has its own properties and function accordingly.

The first herb is Linum usitatissimum, commonly known as Flaxseed oil and has rich source of healing compounds and anti-inflammatory compounds. The flaxseed oil contains essential Fatty Acids specifically, omega 3-Fatty Acids, which has the capability to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles. Flaxseed oil also benefits in lessening of sudden and severe joint pain or swelling.
Cinnamomum camphora or Camphor oil that has analgesic effects and helps in stimulating the blood circulation across cold, stiff muscles and limbs.
Camphor oil is very useful in various painful conditions such as joint pains. The third herb is Mentha piperita or Pepper mint oil which is very effective in chronic pain conditions such as body ache, joint and muscular pains.
Pinus roxburghii which is called Cheed oil and it is an established analgesic and anti-inflammatory oil. It has saponins and flavonoids which supresses the on enzyme responsible for inflammations.
Gaultheria fragrantissima, also known as Gandapura which has similar effects.
Vitex negundo which is also called Nirgundi is beneficial in neuralgia, aches and pains.
Celastrus paniculatus which is seed oil of Jyotishmati contains certain phytochemicals which are good in reducing pain associated with muscles, joints and shoulders.
Sesamum indicum which is known as Til oil in relieves mild to severe pain.

Dr. Ortho oil is indicated during pain in different parts of the body including muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back.

Use under medical supervision


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